Good education will help develop the leaders of tomorrow. Chignecto has experience in all levels of schooling including early learning (ages 0-6), K-12, and post-secondary. To that end, we provide the following services:
• K-12 School evaluations • Strategic planning • Education policy analysis and planning • Capital plan development • Education research and report writing • Education negotiation support and technical advice • Education planning • Education jurisdiction implementation

Examples of our work include:
Sharing Our Success – Best Practices in Aboriginal schooling. Chignectoundertook two of the ten case studies to identify best practices among schoolswith a high proportion of Aboriginal students on behalf of the Society for theAdvancement of Excellence in Education. (2006)

Pan Canadian Working Inventory of Post-Secondary Initiatives targeted to Aboriginalstudents for the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. (2006)

Assembly of First Nations/Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Joint Committeeon PSE – Evaluation of the Indian Studies Support Program. In partnershipwith Katenies Research and Management Services, Chignecto undertook an evaluationof the Indian Studies Support Program, particularly considering the role thatIndigenous Institutes of Higher Learning play in progress in Aboriginal post-secondaryeducation. (2006)

Comparison of Federal and Provincial Funding Formulae Applied to First NationsSchools; Atlantic Region. Submitted to INAC. (2004)
Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey Capital Plan & Strategy. This was an analysisof capital needs and funding for member communities and adoption of an overallplan. (2001)

Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey Strategic Planning Project. Strategic Plansfor all nine MK member communities and a complementary MK Organization Plan.(2000)