Workshop Facilitation

We provide neutral, third party facilitation and conflict resolution services. We can help you design and coordinate decision-making processes and facilitate single- or multi-party meetings, workshops, and seminars. We conduct workshops that address a wide range of subjects, from self-government and education to board management and human resources planning. We offer a range of workshops that are tailor made to your needs and goals. Within the context of your needs, we offer:

  • Corporate and Strategic Planning
  • Community Planning
  • Management and Leadership Workshops
  • Staff, Leadership and Board Retreats
  • Seminars and Presentations
  • Board Orientations

Examples of our work include:
MAWIW strategic planning sessions. Chignecto undertook multi-day strategic planning sessions with two groups within MAWIW (Health Commission and AHRDA group) to identify priorities and set a course for action. (2006)

Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation. Chignecto undertook a multi-day strategic planning session to identify areas of concern and possibility, and to develop a corporate plan, including its vision and mission and strategic objectives. (2005)

Early Learning and Child Care. Chignecto was hired by the Public Health Agency of Canada to facilitate the Labrador information sharing session regarding new policies on early learning in Aboriginal communities. (2005)

Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey. Chignecto organized and facilitated a 4-day strategic planning session for 45 participants from 9 communities on behalf of the MK group. (1999)

Border Beacon Retreat. Chignecto organized and facilitated a 10-day retreat in Labrador for the leadership of the Mushuau Innu to identify key areas foraction in an overall community healing strategy> (1998)