The Chignecto Advantage

Chignecto Consulting Group Inc. offers you a number of competitive advantages:

Experience Our team has a lot of experience in working with First Nations issues so you don’t have to waste valuable time and energy bringing us “up to speed”. We work with First Nations, Aboriginal organizations and business leaders across Canada and internationally.
Reputation We have an excellent reputation among First Nations, governments, and in the business community.
Access We get to the right people – the decision makers – on a timely basis so that your needs are met.
Partners Our associates are capable and trusted individuals and firms who meet your high standards for experience, knowledge, approach, and respect.
Products We focus on real products that meet your needs. We don’t get bogged down with process.
Awareness We respect Aboriginal histories and cultures. And, we understand how governments and businesses work. With that combination, we help bridge gaps between external communities and governments.
Communication We are very effective communicators & have extensive experience with all sorts of media – print, radio, television, and online. We also have a lot of experience dealing with government, including high-ranking officials. We understand government policies, procedures, and documents and know how to navigate through them successfully.
Quality  We deliver quality products on time in a way that best meets your needs.
Price Because we don’t have a large overhead and fixed staff of larger firms, we offer our services on a very competitive basis.