Health, Healing and Wellness

Phil Fontaine along with John and Gerry, facilitating an Innu leaders forum on health and healing  in February 2012

Above Phil Fontaine speaks at the Innu Leaders Forum on Health and Healing in February 2012.  John Higham and Gerry Kerr facilitated the three day session.


Health and wellness are vital for communities and for individuals. The healing process can be long and difficult. Chignecto believes that healing must be led by First Nations community leaders and so we offer support, advice and help with developing health and healing plans. Here are some examples of our recent work.

Innu Round Table (2011-2013)  Helped draft a proposal for an Innu –led tripartite approach to address outstanding health and healing issues. Proposal was approved by Canada and we are now assisting in setting up a secretariat, workplan, and community healing plans to fulfil Innu leadership roles in the new Innu Round Table.

Health Capacity Needs Assessment – Innu Nation (2011-2012) Appointed to intergovernmental working group to oversee assessment of the two Innu communities’ capacity to administer health funds and services. Evidence used to convince Canada to provide additional funding for targeted health programs.