Issues of adequate shelter and housing address some of the most fundamental needs of human beings. Housing is a critical factor on many reserves across the country be it related to overcrowding and the need for new housing starts, renovations, ownership, and tenure. Chignecto has addressed this critical need for its clients in a number of ways including:

  •  Policy Development
  • Establishment of Housing Authority
  • Policy Research & Advice (Sections 95 & 10)
  • Conducting Research on Cooperatives


Examples of our Work include:
Issues, Impediments & Opportunities for Designated Land On- Reserve for Affordable Housing. Explores links between land tenures, housing programs and financing rules in developing houses on Indian Reserves. (May 2005)

Temporary Supportive Housing for Aboriginal People in Northwestern Ontario. This project identified and examined initiatives that are being used to provide temporary supportive accommodations for Aboriginal people and their families in Northwestern Ontario. (March 2004)
Section 95 Housing Review. This project describes national policy, regional allocation practices; identifies assumptions, proposes evaluation criteria, and recommends alternative allocation methods for Atlantic Region. (March 2003)
Alternative Structures for On-reserve Housing Management. This report was an exploration of constraints and opportunities effecting whether Co-operative organizations can play a larger role on reserves. (October 2000)
Metepenagiag (Red Bank) Housing Policy. A community based housing policy to guide development on reserve. (December 1998)
Sheshatshiu Innu Housing Policy. A policy to guide housing in an off-reserve community. (July 1998)
SIFN Housing Policy Review. A five year progress report on the housing Policy plus identification of amendments needed to coincide with creation of an Indian Act reserve. (2004)
Torngat Housing Authority; An Independent Review. Prepared for Department ofLabrador and Aboriginal Affairs, Newfoundland and Labrador. (January 2003)